MONTH OF tishrei TRIBE OF ephraim

Month of Tishrei

Sundown on Sunday Sep 29th began the new hebrew month of Tishrei. It is a unique month because it is both the 7th month on the hebraic calendar, as well as the Head of the Year (the Jewish new year) Shana Tova!!! 

The letter linked with this month is Lamed which is a picture of a goad, or staff that a shepherd might use to prod the herd to action. But the original root word comes "lamad" meaning to learn or teach. This shows us that learning the teaching of God's Word should prod us to action! It signifies aspiration to return to God as your absolute source and experience His Glory! Ask the Lord how you are to get to the place where you are sure you are flowing in what He is doing.

7 indicates completion or fullness, and that means that there are things ending as well as new things beginning. This month is also linked with arousal and awakening, but also with bitterness which keeps you from returning to the Lord. You want to be sure that you are cleansed of all bitterness at the Head of the Year - you don't want your new beginnings to be tainted by bitterness. If bitterness has its root in the beginning.. It will continue to grow. Ask the Lord, what needs to be removed or uprooted in my life which would otherwise keep me from returning.

Tishrei is associated with the tribe of Ephraim which means "double fruit." Declare that you are fruitful and multiplying! One of the responsibilities of the tribe of Ephraim was to defend the Holy things from the Tabernacle in war. This is a perfect example of what should happen. The next generation needs to be taught to guard what is holy, defend the faith and honor the holy.. or it will be lost in battle. Decree that the things that have been scattered will be returned to you, and ask the Lord for a fresh zeal for His holiness!

In Matt 9 we find the parable of the woman who pressed through the crowd to "touch" Jesus. This is a perfect example for this month because it is a month to touch. Many people were pressing in to touched ON Jesus.. But one woman pressed in FOR Jesus. What are you pressing in for? Many people got to touch Jesus, but only one got the virtue from Jesus to touch them! How many times might we be touching, reaching out thru ritual or habit.. But not thru faith? Make a decision that this month you will be intentional in your touching Jesus! Press in this month! Don't let the crowd stop you, don't let the doubts distract you. Press thru until He fills you with His Virtue!

Tishrei is also month of the scales where the deeds of man are weighed and judgment is released. This is a month to concentrate on the justice system. This is especially important as we are now in the decade of 5780 (Pey) which pictures a mouth. The last decade was one of seeing, but we have now shifted into a decade of speaking. And while our words have always had the power to create life or death.. they carry an extra weight in Pey this season. We are not just flesh and blood - we are speaking spirits. So speak what your SPIRIT is seeing. What God is revealing to your spirit, rather than what your physical eyes are seeing! Ask the Lord to fill your mouth with His Words, and Decree life & justice over your life, your family, your state and your nation!

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