by pat bellan

Last Monday, 4/29/19, I asked myself, some others and Holy Spirit..."where are we going?" Or more to the point. "Where should we be going?"
Today's GiveHim15 speaks of hearing from the Lord, and flexibility. Sometimes that means going beyond our point of comfort, outside of our self-imposed boundaries. 
Let's seek the Lord, individually, as to the new path He might have for each of us, and for LS, in this new season of digging/plowing, this time of expectancy.
Thank You, Lord, for leaders who are willing to dig, plow, lead, motivate, seek and establish. Lord, teach us Your way in all things. Show us how to move forward; what to uproot and where to plant. Guide us, Holy Spirit, from the comfort of the status quo through the contending for the promise, and ultimately to the possession of our inheritance in You. Teach us how to be accurate swordsmen with the Word, declaring with deep faith that which You have already guaranteed. Open our eyes to the moving mountains, the shift in culture and to the birthing about to take place. In this way we can stand firm in the day of trouble knowing those are momentary afflictions. We ask this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Who gives us strength for all things, amen.

where should we be going?

monthly prayer focus

by pat bellan

As soon as I decided to write this month's prayer focus, the word 'entitlement' came to mind.
I don't know why; surely we don't have a spirit of entitlement!!! Or do we? I believe, in the best sense, we do....and should.
'Entitled - believing oneself to be inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.'
We have a new DNA. Having His blood cover us, flowing in us, is the only thing which makes us 'deserving'; entitles us to be children and friends of the Most High God. With this privilege comes responsibility. Let's not take our imputed 'entitlements' lightly. We have the privilege of entering the very Throne room of the King. Our 'special treatment' is the protection afforded us by His blood through which we are seen as righteous, by which we can accomplish all things.

Please join me as we exercise the privilege of prayer:
Father, thank You for calling, empowering and equipping us. Thank You, Lord Jesus, that we can be 
co-intercessors with You, aligning our prayers and declarations with Yours. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for imparting to us Your wisdom, revelation, strategy and guidance to accomplish our heaven-breathed assignments within our spheres of influence, outworked by the Fruits of the Spirit. We pray this in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, for Your glory and honor, amen.


by pat bellan

If ever there was a time to believe this and declare it, it is now! Of course, it's always a good time to do this, but what with the enemy's assault on the Body seeming to be in overdrive, I think you can agree that this is one of those times when we must stay focused. And not only focused re our souls...our minds, will and emotions....being well, but also our physical bodies, and our spirits, which are our true selves; our real selves. 
So let's continue to lift each other up, declaring the promises of God over every member of Lifespring...that His will be done; His kingdom come in and through us, and those in our spheres of influence.
Please join me:
Thank You, Father, for manifesting Your glory when we gather so that our focus is on You and our souls are overwhelmed with Your beauty. 
Thank you, Jesus, that You bore stripes on Your back for our healing, and because we are Your children, that healing is our bread. 
Thank You, Holy Spirit, for leading us and guiding us into truth with Your wisdom as we say we are Yours....spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally, in Your mighty name we pray and say, let it be so for Your glory, amen 
I think it's a good time during this month dedicated to love to look at the promises God made to you personally, either through a prophetic word, a word given by Him directly to you, or a scripture He highlighted to you, recognizing these as His personal love language to you, and repeat them to yourself till they're down deep in your spirit...just a thought to help you recognize just how well your soul is doing.

it is well with my soul

by pat bellan

I kept seeing the phrase `new beginning'....
not anything unusual given that this is a new year. 
I want to recognize and embrace this new beginning. Would you join me in praying for an understanding of what that entails for us personally and for Lifespring corporately? 
Lord God, we submit all we have and all we are to You. We also submit to You all we will be in 2019. Thank You that You have a plan and a purpose for our lives individually and for our families, and a plan and a purpose for Lifespring corporately. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear.
Holy Spirit, solidify our understanding of the foundation upon which we've built our lives -- Jesus Christ-- so that we cannot be moved; will not be shaken. Cause us to see You at work in and through the good and the bad times we will face this year.
Thank You for allowing us to be victorious in Jesus Christ as we remain steadfast in You; as we continue to be washed by the water of the Word.
With all that is within us, we desire to bring You glory and see Your kingdom manifested in our spheres of influence as we allow Your light to shine through us. Thank You for entrusting us with this precious task. We purpose to look forward with great anticipation and joy. We pray all this in Jesus's mighty name
Happy New Year everyone!

new beginnings

by pat bellan

I keep hearing the word 'persistence'.
If ever there was a time to be persistent in our faith, it is now! It seems as if wherever we turn, the enemy is trying to wear us it regarding our health, our relationships, the state of our finances, even the condition of our country.
Definitions -
`Persistence: firm continuance in a course of action; the continued, prolonged existence of something. 
Persistent people: having a goal or vision that motivates or drives them.'

We know the enemy is persistent. Does he know that we are too....even more persistent because of what's set before us, because of Who we serve?

Confession---sometimes I feel like giving up. But then....BUT THEN I'm reminded ---- by a persistent Holy Spirit, or a persistent friend who knows Him ---- of what the Truth is: Gal. 6:9 'Let us not be weary in well-doing, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest.' That's a persistent person! That's us! Let's pray that it is ever so.....

Father, thank You that You called us into covenant with You; that whatever You've begun, You will see it through; that You've given us all we need to not only endure, but prevail! After having done all, we will stand.

Jesus, thank You for being our Perfect Example of how to keep our eyes on the prize, even if we feel weary and discouraged. You endured the Cross because of what was set before You. We will do the same, endure our own 'crosses', being ever mindful of our goal.....seeing You glorified in all things. 

Holy Spirit, thank You for being our ever present Help in time of need; for being the Light in the darkness, our Teacher Who shows us the path back to faith, persistence, hope, love...and even escape. We rely on Your unfailing love and Your wisdom.

What struggles do you have? Be persistent, brother and sister, for in the end, and even in the waiting, we will see His persistent, reliable, enduring love, carry us on wings of eagles where we will run but not get weary, walk and not be faint.

Let's continue in persistent, faith-filled prayers for one another.